Dad Was Told Daughter Had Survived Boston Bombings Only to Learn the Horrible Truth

The second fatality in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack has been identified. She reportedly is Krystle M. Campbell, a 29-year-old restaurant manager. The beautiful freckle-faced blonde was at the marathon with her friend, Karen Rand, watching Karen's boyfriend run the race. Both were hit with the explosions, and what happened next is truly something out of a horror movie. Both women were rushed to the emergency room, and doctors mixed up their identities. That resulted in Krystle's parents thinking that she was alive and being operated on. They only leaned the truth when doctors escorted them into the operating room to show them their "daughter."


Krystle's father was absolutely horrified and shocked to see not his daughter in the intensive care unit, but her friend, Karen. William Campbell told the New York Daily News:

I said, "That’s not my daughter, that’s Karen! Where’s my daughter?" The doctors were as shocked as we were.

Soon a Boston detective arrived and showed him a photo of one of the three fatalities -- and it was their beloved daughter, Krystle. "I almost passed out on the floor," William said.

Can you imagine believing that your daughter has been severely injured, but has miraculously escaped death, and believing that for hours? Thanking your lucky stars that she is alive? And then discovering that, in fact, she did not survive? The shock and disbelief must be unspeakable.

William says that Krystle was an amazingly caring person who "helped everybody." He says: "She was the best person you’d ever meet." He also called her "a dream."

It makes you wonder what happened with Karen's family -- where they informed Karen had died, only to be told hours later that she was in fact alive?

At any rate, the doctors and police did the best they could with the information they had. It was mass chaos at the hospital. The tragedy isn't that the family had their hopes falsely raised -- but that she had to die at all. A lovely young woman was taken from this world in the prime of her life by dark forces she had no idea were converging around her. Horrific.


Image via HahahaTango/Flickr

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