Paris Jackson Says She's Living the 'Normal Childhood' Michael Wanted for Her (So Why Is She on the Cover of a Magazine?!)

Jackson kidsWhenever I see a headline about one of Michael Jackson's kids pop up, I can't help but wonder if the former King of Pop is rolling over in his grave. Say what you will about his bizarre appearance and childlike demeanor, he was a loving parent to them. And he was clear that his top priority was to ensure that -- unlike him -- they had a normal childhood. (Well, as normal as it could be with him as your dad.) He basically wanted them out of the spotlight. He wanted them to think and act like kids and never experience that soul-crushing public pressure he endured. Well, if Paris's latest interview is any indication, Michael's greatest hope for his children is dead and buried along with him.


Who could forget those rare, brief sightings of Jackson's kids outside the gates of the Neverland Ranch with their faces covered by masks. It certainly looked bizarre, but he had his reasons. "He didn't want anyone to see what we looked like," Paris revealed in the cover interview for London's Mail on Sunday magazine. "That way we could have what he didn't, which was a normal childhood." He made no secret of his own tragic upbringing. Forced into the entertainment industry, the amazing talent that gave him so much fame and fortune also brought him a lot of misery.

He desperately wanted something different for his kids. By living a life of seclusion -- as strange as it may have seemed -- he was doing what he needed to do to protect them. That insulated world disappeared the day he died. Though, she says she is trying to be the normal kid her father wanted her to be. She is a high school cheerleader, dreams of becoming a heart surgeon, and is turning Neverland into a home for sick kids. But the fact that Paris even gave this interview is proof that things aren't the way Michael would have wanted it.

She's not the only one stepping into the spotlight. Older brother Prince Michael has been a guest correspondent on Entertainment Tonight and has talked of directing and the youngest sibling Blanket has popped up in YouTube videos singing and dancing. That is the last thing Michael wanted for them. I can't understand why his family is not honoring his parental wishes. We'd all like to think that whomever we leave our kids with will respect how we would want them raised. The Jacksons are just blatantly ignoring it. They seem to throw those kids on a stage or in front of a camera every chance they get. Michael would be absolutely horrified.

Do you think Michael's family keeps his kids out of the public eye?


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