Woman Pregnant After World's First Womb Transplant: Is This Really Cause for Celebration? (VIDEO)

Derya SertIn what is truly a medical miracle, a woman who was born without a womb is currently pregnant. In August 2011 she had the world's first successful womb transplant, and now, less than two years later, here she is expecting a child. Amazing. 

According to Reuters, the 22-year-old Turkish woman, Derya Sert, conceived the baby via IVF. She's currently in good health, and doctors are hoping for the best for her and her baby.

If she delivers a healthy baby, it will be such a huge milestone for many women. According to the American Free Press, at least 1 in every 5,000 women is born without a womb. With so many conditions that cause infertility, there's at least hope for pregnancy. But without a womb, there is no hope ... or at least there wasn't.


As amazing as this news is, however, I have to wonder if it's necessarily for the best. I don't say this lightly, having gone through years of infertility myself, and very much understanding that ache and longing to be pregnant with a child that you and your husband create. Still, to go to such extreme lengths to get one ... I don't know.

Fortunately, I didn't have to go to extreme lengths, so I wouldn't dare judge anyone for doing what they had do to get a baby, but it does make me wonder why, when there are so many children who need loving homes in the world, they didn't attempt to adopt instead. Are the risks to one's health, the cost, and the challenges worth it to have a biological child when you can adopt? And just because medicine can make our bodies do something, does it mean we should? I suppose those are questions everyone has to ask themselves, but also ones I think we need to ask as a society.

In any case, congratulations to Derya and her husband. Theirs certainly will be a pregnancy being watched around the world.

How far would you/did you go to have a biological child?


Image via AFP/YouTube

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