2-Year-Old Loses Feet in Lawnmower Accident & I Feel Sorry for Her Dad (VIDEO)

lawnmower girlIt was a one-in-a-million accident, the kind of everyday tragedy that's not supposed to happen to you: 47-year-old Jeremiah Nugent of Florida had just finished cutting the lawn on his riding lawnmower. He was driving to park it when he saw his wife, 31-year-old Nicole Nugent, come running out of the garage, waving her hands at him. 

Nugent says he thought his wife was trying to tell him he was about to run over something, so he started backing the lawnmower up. That's when he realized he had run over his 2-year-old daughter, Ireland.


Ireland was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Tragically, her feet were severed at the ankle -- but she is currently "doing well" (though sedated).

I feel horrible for this poor little girl, but I feel just as horrible for her dad -- can you imagine looking at your child every day after something like this?! Accidental or not, I think the guilt would eat me alive. As for Ireland's mom, Nicole, her optimism and faith are admirable: "We can fix her legs. And she will walk again and run again and be just as spunky as she was," she said.

Thankfully the family will have help getting through this time. Former wrestler (and amputee) Steve Chamberland is helping to raise thousands of dollars with his charity, 50 Legs in 50 Days, and the Shriners Hospital for Children in South Florida has offered free medical care for Ireland.

Hopefully Ireland will indeed be back to her spunky self in no time, and her family will heal just as quickly.

Are freak accidents like this one of your worst parenting nightmares?

Image via NY DailyNews

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