11-Month-Old's Scary Near Drowning Is Reminder to All Parents to Learn CPR Now (VIDEO)

walker in pool

A dad from Palm Harbor, Florida, experienced every parent's worst nightmare when his 11-month-old rolled his walker into the pool in the back of the family's home and nearly drowned.

Thanks to an alarm that had fallen off the sliding door to the house, and a gate that had been left open, baby Kaiden Leonardo somehow managed to get his walker out onto the pool deck, where he fell straight into the deep end.

When Nick Leonardo found his son, he was lying face down in the water -- and he was blue and unresponsive when he pulled him out.


Luckily, Nick reacted quickly and knew exactly what to do -- all because of a simple skill he learned at work, of all places. Take a look at this video clip to hear how this dad saved his son's life.

Yep, he performed CPR -- which he learned in a class he took at work.

And I'm sure that when he took the class, he never in a million years expected that he'd wind up performing what he'd learned on his infant son -- and save his life by doing so.

I can vaguely remember learning CPR in one of my prenatal classes, but like any naive new parent, I figured it was something I'd probably never have to use. Being that we lived in Denver when we had our son and didn't have any water near us, I didn't anticipate drowning being a major concern. But whenever we went to visit my parents in Florida, however, I was always nervous when my son was around their pool, and I watched him like a hawk.

But no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen, as was evident while listening to Kaiden's story. And that's why this incident should serve as a reminder to all parents to learn CPR -- and to take refresher courses periodically since we tend to forget those skills as time goes on. Hearing what happened to this baby even has me thinking I probably need to take another class sometime soon. You never know when knowing how to administer CPR can truly become a matter of life and death.

Do you know infant CPR?


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