Babysitter Gives Toddler Potty Chair to Use -- In the Middle of a Restaurant

potty chairOh dear God, someone's done it again. Someone let a toddler go poopy in a potty chair at a restaurant. Remember the mom who let her twins potty train at a restaurant table? Well, reportedly a nanny in New York City let a toddler in her charge use a portable potty chair at a cafe. There's photographic evidence. (Shudder.)

But wait, before you judge! He wasn't actually at the table, just on the ground next to it. And it was an outdoor cafe, so, you know ... better?

No. Still gross.


And you know what? Knowing New York City parents, bringing a potty around everywhere was probably the parents' idea, not the nanny's. He's probably on some rigid potty-training schedule. And the nanny probably thinks it's a horrific idea, but she needs a job and can't afford to be high-minded about these things.

Couldn't she just take the kid to the restaurant's bathroom? Ha, probably not. I bet the parents have forbidden their child from using any germ-infested public restrooms -- hence the portable potty. Heaven forbid his precious Lordship's bum-bum make contact with the bubonic plague-infested facilities used by the masses! Don't you know -- it's nothing but prostitutes and junkies in those Upper West Side bathrooms all the time.

And obviously it's in the public interest that we all put up with the sight and smell of a pooing toddler while we dine outdoors as long as it's saving the child from exposure to cooties. Talk about believing your shit doesn't stink! (Or anyway, your kid's shit doesn't stink.)

In conclusion: Please, nobody ever do this ever again. It is gross.

Is it ever okay to potty train a child at a restaurant -- away from the restroom?


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