Disturbing Gorilla Photobomb Makes Little Girls Look Like Lunch (PHOTO)

photobomb gorillaSo, this whole photobomb concept is still relatively new to me (I'm old, okay?), but I was under the impression that most photobombs were supposed to be funny. Or cute. Or funny and cute. Like that adorable dog who photobombed his owners' apartment listing on Craigslist or the one of Bill Clinton checking out Kelly Clarkson. I had no idea that photobombs could also fall into the category of freakishly disturbing, but apparently they can -- and this scary-ass gorilla photobombing these cute little girls is proof.


Granted, 29-year-old silverback gorilla Motaba was behind glass and posed no real danger to 6-year-old Ella O'Brien or her 4-year-old sister Bridget, who were visiting the Werribee Open Range Zoo in Australia when the photo was taken. And we're probably supposed to assume it's those bananas he's after, not the children. But still. Look at that thing!! Yikes!! Personally, the last thing I would want is a photo of my kids looking like they're about to be devoured by an angry wild animal. Say cheese!

Of course there is some debate as to whether or not this photobomb is the real deal or a photoshop stunt gone viral, but either way, it's still mildly terrifying to look at. Gorillas are no joke! Yeah, yeah, they're practically human and all that, but they're SUPER strong and just look at that mouth!

All of that said, it would be pretty funny if the family sent it out as their Christmas card this year.

Does this gorilla photobomb freak you out?


Image via Rex

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