Moms Saving Breast Milk to Make Jewelry Need a New Hobby

breast milk jewelryOh moms. Just when you think you've heard it all, someone sets up an Etsy shop and starts selling "breast milk jewelry" made out of moms' own boob juice. And you thought the mom who couldn't throw out her baby girl's umbilical stump was clinging a little too tightly to her memories? You ain't seen nothing yet!

Apparently there exists a whole subculture of mothers who need wearable evidence of the fact that they breastfed. And Mommy Milk is happy to cater to them for the low, low price of $64 (that's on the low end, you can go up to $125 for something truly fancy).


The shop is run by a mom who named Allicia who says "breastfeeding is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I've ever had to do." She takes the milk, encases it in resin, and creates a Breast Milk Bead™ (yes, she has trademarked it).

Some folks around the web are calling the breast milk jewelry disgusting. I won't go there. It's breast milk, y'all! Kids drink it. Snooki takes shots of it. It's not like they're saving baby poop ... wait, maybe I shouldn't give anyone ideas. 

Because that's the real problem here, isn't it? The obsession with saving EVERYTHING from childhood.

Moms save the first lock of hair, the first pair of shoes, the coming home outfit, the baby teeth ... and now their breast milk. Where is it going to end? As the mother of a 7-year-old, I have to warn you, if you can't rein in your "gotta keep it" mentality now, you're going to be truly screwed come kindergarten when they bring home a new art project or worksheet (or 12) EVERY DAY.

So let's lay off saving the breast milk, shall we? You don't need a necklace to prove your mams made milk. You'll have a beautiful little person running around as proof enough that they had good nutrition in the early days.

If the money is really burning a hole in your pocket, here's an idea -- hire a local photographer to capture those bodacious breastfeeding boobs in some boudoir shots. Now that's a memento worth hanging on to!

Would you get your breast milk preserved in jewelry? Where would you wear it?


Image via Mommy Milk

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