Doctors Saved Baby's Life By Operating on Her Before She Was Born

baby footA 5-month-old baby girl from Colorado is happy and healthy today -- thanks to a life-saving lung operation she received before she was born. When Lake Annabelle Hall's mom, Savannah Perry, was at the 20-week mark in her pregnancy, doctors discovered the baby had a cyst on her lung that would make it unable for her to breathe upon delivery.

And you can only imagine the sense of desperation and sheer panic that her parents felt upon hearing the devastating news, which was found at a routine office visit.

But luckily, Dr. Timothy Crombleholme had a plan. He decided they he would operate on baby Lake during the 30th week of pregnancy -- outside of the womb.


And the procedure is just as amazing as it sounds. Savannah underwent a C-section, and the baby was pulled halfway out of her womb, with the placenta and umbilical cord still attached. With a team of 43 doctors and nurses surrounding her, the cyst was removed from Lake's lung in about nine minutes. After running a tube down her windpipe to make sure it was clear, her umbilical cord was finally cut, and she was "born."

And even though she had to be given oxygen for the first four months of her life, Lake is now a thriving, perfect 5-month-old. Her father, Erik Hall, says, "Lake is a normal, healthy, young baby girl just like any other baby born without any issues."

OMG. This is one of those stories that makes me want to count my blessings and hold my son just a little bit tighter when he gets home from school. I can't even imagine how thankful Lake's parents must be, because every time they look at her, they're reminded of how she wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the success of that rare operation.

It had to be an absolute roller coaster ride to go from having a normal pregnancy to thinking you might lose your baby to having her undergo surgery before birth -- to finding out she's perfectly fine and shouldn't have any complications going forward.

Her story offers so much hope to other parents who are possibly facing the same sort of operation with their own babies. She's living proof that miracles do happen, which is something I'm sure her mom and dad realize each and every single day.

How would you react if your baby had to have an operation like this?


Image via audi_insperation/Flickr

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