6-Year-Old Found Wandering Streets Alone Says Substitute Teacher Told Him to Go Home (VIDEO)

Devin HoustonEarlier this week Texas mom Latoyla Houston was taking an afternoon nap, while her 6-year-old son, Devin, was at school. Or at least she thought he was at school. Imagine her surprise when she awoke to find him and a stranger standing there at her front door. 

The stranger, Vivienne Forbes-Thomas, said she found the first grader wandering alone outside her house. He was crying, and didn't know his phone number, but said he knew the way home. So they hopped in her car, and she drove him home.

The big question, of course, is how he got there in the middle of the school day, and why no one had notified his mother that he was gone from school.


Devin says the teacher sent him on his away. He told KHOU, "I told her my heart was hurting. She said, go home and walk. Just go and walk to home.”

Um, WHAT?! Would any teacher -- substitute or not -- really think that would be okay? A 6-year-old out wandering the streets alone? The things that could have happened to him are unimaginable. He's just it was a kind stranger who found and helped him.

The teacher says she never told him to leave, but even if we're to believe her, the fact is the boy left the school. And the school didn't have any clue he was missing until he already arrived home. How does that happen?

It's outrageous, and really makes you question what goes on during your child's school day. You think they're at least being watched over, but when things like this happen you have to wonder.

Do you think something like this could happen at your child's school?

Image via KHOU

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