Girl Dies in Garage Door Accident: How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen to Your Kids

garage doorAnother tragic accident has claimed a child. A 3-year-old girl was killed by a garage door when it closed down on top of her. Her mother says she heard the garage door closing and noticed that no one entered the house after. She went to investigate and found her daughter pinned under the door. She said she suspects her daughter pushed the garage door opener button and tried to run out. The garage door is believed to have asphyxiated her.

Can you imagine? How horrifying and sad for her parents. I'm sure they never anticipated such a thing happening. But you can prevent this terrible accident from happening in your home.


Police are investigating to see why the garage door sensors did not pick up on the little girl. I guess even having those sensors is no guarantee of safety. We don't know what happened here -- maybe there was a malfunction, or maybe the sensor isn't designed to detect a 3-year-old child. Regardless, never take the safety of your garage door for granted. The door button was also within reach, which is another tragic piece of the story. Many parents make sure that button is installed far out of reach of their children.

We also don't know why the little girl was alone in the garage. The family may have returned from an outing, and she just took her time getting back into the house. Or she could have just wandered in from the house on a whim. Regardless, a toddler should never be alone inside a garage for any reason. But easier said than done. As all parents of toddlers know, you take your eyes away from that child for 10 seconds and anything can happen.

I feel for the poor mother who lost her toddler this way. What a horror story.

Do you ever worry about your garage door closing on your child?


Image via A National Acrobat/Flickr

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