Toddler Refuses Kiss from Prince William Because She Doesn't Believe in Fairy Tales (VIDEO)

prince william refused kissShocking! Prince William was recently caught trying to kiss a strange young lady. The whole thing was caught on video, too. And get this -- the young lady in question actually refused his kiss. Can you imagine? Well, what if I told you the "young lady" was actually just a toddler?

No scandal here, and no reason for Kate to worry. At a recent public appearance Prince William tried to kiss a four-year-old little girl -- and she leaned away like "Eww! I don't know you at all. Get away, weirdo-man!"


Aww, no fairy-tale kiss from a prince for this little lady. No way. Her mother taught her well. Don't accept a kiss from random strangers, even if that stranger is a sovereign of your nation. And maybe she also realizes that in real life, kissing a prince doesn't transform your life. Or maybe I'm reading waaay to much into this little moment. Regardless, it's adorable.

Ooh, I bet she'll wish later that she'd accepted, though.

Poor William. This must be the first moment of rejection he's ever experienced. Think he'll recover?

How do your little ones react when someone unfamiliar tries to hug or kiss them?


Image via AP/YouTube

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