Stories of Abuse Alert Parents to Do Their Homework When Choosing a Day Care

daycareI think every parent worries about their child when they drop them off anywhere, so when you hear stories like this, of a day care being shut down after alleged child abuse, our collective ears perk up. Could that be happen to us? In this case, it was a daycare in Hamlin, Pennsylvania. Supposedly, two employees held a child upside down by his ankles after he bit a staff member, made him walk around in his underwear as punishment after he soiled his pants, and duct taped the boy's hands and feet to a chair so that he wouldn't move.


The Department of Public Welfare has decided to shut down the place, but the owner of Just 4 Kids Day Care is appealing the ruling.

The most interesting thing about this horrible case, though, is what the interviewees shared with the reporter. One woman said she was shocked by the news, stating that whenever she'd dropped kids off there, the employees were always super nice and friendly.

Then, another neighbor interviewed declined to be on camera because she's "afraid of the owner of the day care." A third woman who also lives in the area didn't want to be on camera, either.

It's mildly suspicious at best, but if an adult is scared of the day care owner, what must the children feel? 

While I understand that there will always be a dissenter from the group, I would be curious, as a mother, why someone would be intimidated by the leader of a day care.

In a world where everyone can Yelp their thoughts on everything from soggy mushrooms on pizza to the capability of some mental health specialists, it's tough to form your own opinion on a place, but there's no place other than a day care that requires such due diligence.

If someone didn't like the establishment, I'd want to know more. Is it because they're fickle and had a disagreement about billing with the day care? Or is it because they had an over-arching, legitimate concern about the place?

When it comes to our kids, almost no question should go unanswered. For the first one, at least. Wink.

What would you think of a day care that had mixed reviews?


Photo via ell brown/Flickr

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