Missing Teen Hikers Are Every Parent’s Nightmare (VIDEO)

missing teensTime is passing too quickly for two lost teenagers. Nicholas Sendoya and Kyndall Jack went hiking near a Southern California canyon over the weekend -- and they never came back. Searchers are scouring the area, looking for the lost teen hikers.

Nicholas and Kyndall, both from Costa Mesa, reportedly called authorities Sunday night to say they were lost near Holy Jim Canyon in the Cleveland National Forest. And then their cell phone lost power. The search yesterday came up empty. Today, over 30 people are searching for Nick and Kyndall again.


Nicholas' car has been located near the entrance to the trail head, and neither of the teens families have heard from their kids since they left for what Kyndall called their "adventure." Her parents must be playing that goodbye over and over again in their heads. If they could go back in time, would they remind her to be extra careful? Would they make sure she had enough water, and warm clothes, a compass, and a phone with a fully-charged battery?

Maybe they did all those things. But even if they hadn't, these are older teens (18 and 19). They're at the age where you have to expect them to make smart choices on their own -- even if it makes you sick with worry. I feel for Kyndall and Nicholas' families.

It's been less than two days, so everyone is still hopeful. Those kids have to be out there, somewhere! The best thing for them to do is to stay in one spot where they can be easily found. Fingers crossed that they're found soon.

Do you worry when your teen goes off on an "adventure?" Did you make your parents worry when you were a teen?


Image via KCBS-TV/CBS


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