Store Clerk Who Spanked ‘Naughty’ Toddler Is Lucky She Didn’t Get Smacked Herself

spank dollToddlers can be difficult to control in stores -- we all know this, right? All hands and curiosity and accidents. Moms have come to expect disapproving stares and maybe even requests to leave the store. But a spanking? Angela Cropley was horrified when a store clerk smacked her three-year-old on the bottom. The girl had knocked a bottle off a shelf. Angela, who was also with an eight-month-old baby started cleaning up the mess right away, but the clerk swatted her daughter and told her she was being naughty.

The poor mom was so horrified (and probably also embarrassed) she just stormed out of the store. Frankly, I'm amazed she didn't stay and throw a tantrum herself. But later friends urged Angela to return to the store and complain.


Angela says the butt-smack was hard enough to shove her daughter forward into the display. "Lora was just being a typical three-year-old girl and it certainly wasn't her place to discipline my child," she says. No it was not! Which is why I'm so amazed that Angela just left instead of spanking the store clerk right back.

The one time I caught someone else yelling at my son (a dad on the playground) I went ape shit. YES, my kid was in the wrong. But seeing him get attacked by another adult just triggered my mama bear instinct. I started screaming at him. And that's just for scolding. If I ever caught someone actually spanking my son I cannot imagine the fury that would unleash.

So either this mom has amazing self control, or she was too shocked to fight back. Anyway, when she returned to the store she got the brush-off from the manager. He told her it had only been a tap, no big deal, move along now. Clearly they disagree over how hard this "tap" really was, but that's beside the point. What's a stranger doing even touching someone's child?!? And imagine if this had happened to your teenager, or to an adult. They knock something off the shelf and someone comes along and whacks them. In what world would that be acceptable?

Good grief. Anyway, after making Angela feel like an oversensitive money-grubber the store did eventually (grudgingly) apologize. But now the story is in the news, so too little too late, assholes. Honestly, I think for any parent it's probably enough to just scold back whenever an adult voluntarily disciplines your child. If nothing else, at least your child sees that you have her back.

What would you do if a stranger spanked your child without your permission?


Image via Ben Husmann/Flickr


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