Horrifying Video of Father Beating Teen Daughters Goes Viral

I don't know who the hell this father is, but he needs to be arrested. A video of a father whipping his two teenage daughters after apparently catching them "twerking" -- a somewhat sexually suggestive dance popular right now -- has gone viral. (We are choosing not to promote this video, but if you want to see why it's so horrifying, you can go to the link above.) It's unclear how their videotaped punishment made it online. Did the girls themselves upload it? Is it real? It sure sounds real like the real thing. This is not a spanking. It's what you might call an old-fashioned beatdown, and disgustingly, some online are cheering the abusive dad.


The video starts just as the father begins whipping the bejesus out of what is apparently his two teenage daughters with what appears to be a cable wire. The girls scream in obvious pain, but that doesn't stop him. It's pretty obvious he's done this before.

The video is sickening, if you ask me. I know there's a debate about spanking, and while I do not personally believe in hitting a child, I'm not going to go ballistic on someone who decides to quickly smack a child who is getting into danger or acting absolutely incorrigibly.

But this kind of whipping isn't about discipline -- it's about humiliation. It's about power. It sends the message that physical abuse is the way to solve problems, not discussion. Will anyone be surprised when these girls end up either with abusers or abusive or both? This is what they're being taught. It's okay for daddy to hurt you, so it's okay for hubby or boyfriend to hurt you too. Nice lesson to pass down.

Yet many seem to feel the video shows a strong dad keeping his teens out of trouble. "Good for him! He's being a dad to these girls, and in the long run they may just avoid being loose women," one reader wrote on the Daily Mail, a comment that got over 700 thumbs up.

Not really. If anything it will encourage the girls to leave home as quickly as humanly possible -- with any man who will have them. It will certainly discourage them from coming to dad with any future problems, which means they'll either turn to the wrong people for help or will stay in a bad sitution. I mean, would you turn to this father for anything? I certainly wouldn't.

How about the misogyny apparent here? Do you really think he'd be whipping two teen boys for dancing? As for the dance itself? Tame, compared to what else goes on these days. Here's Miley Cyrus "twerking" in a unicorn outfit.

The girls were supposedly videotaping themselves "twerking" and the father may have had a point in not wanting the girls not to post videos of themselves online. But whatever happened to explaining -- you know, with words -- why this is a bad idea? How about showing them news stories of girls who have regretted posting sexually suggested pictures and videos? How about explaining to them how this could be online forever and negatively impact their futures? These girls are practically adults. The time for physical discipline is over!

Whippings like this can only make girls hate their father -- and therefore want to rebel against anything he wants. I bet they want to put a "twerking" video online now more than ever. They'll probably act out in even worse ways. This guy needs his dad license revoked.

Do you think this dad had a right to do what he did?


Image via Megyarsh/Flickr

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