Bloody Easter Egg Brawl Shows Ugly Side of Competitive Moms

easter eggsDon't believe "mommy wars" exist? Well, then you should have been at an Easter egg hunt Sunday at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. It was an all-out mom brawl, and all over a few Easter eggs.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, it happened during an event for 4- to 6-year-old children. It started when one woman was trying to help her own kid snatch up some eggs and she pushed another child aside. Oh yes, she did.

When the pushed child's mother saw what happened, the two started fighting. They "had to be separated three or four times". There was cursing, children crying, and one woman was left with a bloody nose. At an Easter egg hunt!


What an example to set there, ladies. Seriously, how sad is that? I get wanting to help your kid and not see him disappointed if he doesn't get any eggs, but pushing another child is just out of line no matter what the reason. It's such a blatant and sobering example of ultra-competitive parents.

Now, I think any mom who says she's not competitive when it comes to her kids is lying. Maybe just to herself, but it's impossible to not want the best for your children, to want to help them get ahead. However, there's a big difference between wanting them to succeed and encouraging them, and becoming a psycho who will mow down anything or anyone who gets in their way.

While this is extreme, it happens subtly all the time too. There are moms who try to negotiate their kids' grades with teachers, or go to elaborate lengths to try and secure them friends, or push them so hard to excel at school and sports that they're pushing their children toward a breaking point. There's a line between helping your child succeed and pushing them to succeed at all costs no matter who gets hurt. The price the poor children pay for the latter is heartbreakingly high.

What examples do you see of competitive parenting?


Image via phil41dean/Flickr

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