2 Sisters Welcome Babies 2 Hours Apart but That's Not the Best Part of Their Story (VIDEO)

sisters give birth same day

Giving birth can be a bit of a stressful experience, and that's why it's so important to have the support and comfort of someone you trust when bringing your baby into the world.

And two pregnant sisters from New Hampshire took that support to a whole new level when they delivered their babies just two hours apart and welcomed them in rooms right next door to each other in the maternity ward.

If the notion of them giving birth so close together isn't amazing enough, wait until you hear the lengths one of them went to in order to make sure the other's delivery was as calm and stress-free as possible.


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Check out this video clip to hear how one of these women hid the fact that she was in labor from her sister because she wanted to be there to comfort her.

OMG! Can you imagine being in labor and having contractions -- and standing there trying to ignore them? Yeah, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Between the not being able to breathe and having white knuckles from clutching the side of the hospital bed, there was no mistaking what was going on with me.

I can't even imagine this poor woman knowing (not to mention feeling) every single contraction and doing her best to remain quiet about it. What a trooper.

What she did for her sister was just so selfless and loving. They obviously share a very special, tight bond, and we can only imagine how much it's going to grow as they raise their beautiful babies together. Life with a newborn is challenging, to say the least -- but imagine how much easier it is when your very own sister is going through the same thing the exact same time as you. (If only all of us were that lucky.)

Did a family member or friend have a baby around the same time as you?


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