Clueless Mom Gives Birth on a Bike Without Realizing It

motor bikeWe have seen women give birth in some crazy places for sure. In cars, in stores, on airplanes, and even at their own weddings. I honestly thought we'd heard it all ... until now.

Apparently, a woman recently gave birth on motorbike ... while she was riding it. She reportedly didn't even notice the baby being born and "zoomed off over the horizon in a cloud of dust," according to the Jakarta Post.

The baby reportedly landed on the road in Bangkok, and a female passenger in a bus driving behind, Ancharee Mookta, saw it and had the driver stop. She picked up the baby and gave it to another motorcyclist who rushed the baby to the hospital.


According to the Pattaya Daily News, police later found the woman, but it's not clear if she knew what had happened at that point. It's just baffling to think of the logistics, and that poor baby. There's no report as to his or her physical well being, but hopefully he or she is okay.

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I know it sounds impossible, and like something that would be an April Fools' Day joke, but it's being reported by multiple sources, and before April 1. It appears to have really happened.

I mean, I suppose it could happen? Maybe? I don't know logistically how you can give birth when you're sitting on a bike seat, but with all of the crazy birth stories we hear, I'm at least willing to give it some small credence of a possibility. Stranger things have happened ... I think.

If it's true, then I think it's safe to say that this birth story definitely blows away any of the other crazy birth stories we've heard. Let's hope we don't hear any crazier.

Do you think a woman really could give birth while riding a motorbike and not know it?


Image via ell brown/Flickr

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