Mom Delivers 15-Pound, 7-Ounce Baby -- Naturally! (VIDEO)

15 pound babyHoly cow. Have you heard about the British mom who gave birth to a 15-pound, 7-ounce baby boy a few weeks ago? No, I'm not kidding. Much to his parents' surprise, baby George King made his entrance into the world weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds, 7 ounces -- and he's believed to be the second largest baby delivered vaginally in the U.K.

Whoops! I probably should've mentioned that part first -- George's mom, Jade, gave birth to him the old-fashioned way. As in she pushed him out -- all 15 pounds, 7 ounces of him.



As you will hear in this video clip, no one had any idea how large "little" George was until the birth was well underway -- so it turned into a pretty scary ordeal.


What a miracle that he is ok! I can't even imagine how scared Jade must have been -- and I still can't seem to get past the fact that she gave birth to a baby that big naturally.

To put things into perspective on what pushing out an almost-16-pound child must have felt like, here are a few comparisons of other things that weigh that much.

Three bags of flour or sugar

Two human heads

Two gallons of milk

Three standard-sized coffee makers

Four small laptop computers

A small flat-screen TV

Five boxes of wine

Three 2-liter bottles of soda

A bag of dog food

Eight pineapples

A small dog

Five human brains

Two full-term newborns (duh)

Wow. Using those examples to form a visual picture of how that delivery went down really takes Jade's ordeal to a whole new level.

How big is your baby expected to be at birth?


Image via NewsInWorldNow/YouTube

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