4-Year-Old Girl Discovers Dinosaur & Scientists Name It After Her

dinosaur skullLuckiest girl ever: 9-year-old Daisy Morris will never know how painful starting conversations at parties can be. She'll never suffer through the awkward pause that hangs in the air after introductions are made between friends of friends who otherwise have nothing in common. That's because Daisy Morris will have a built-in icebreaker for the rest of her life, now that a dinosaur was named after her. Because she discovered it, of course. Back when she was 4 years old.


See, Daisy's family lives near the coast of England's "Isle of Wight," otherwise known as the "dinosaur capital of Great Britain." Daisy liked to go for walks along the beach with her parents, and one day, she spotted "tiny little black bones sticking out of the mud and decided to dig a bit further and scoop them all out," according to her mother, Sian Morris.

Luckily, instead of telling her to put those dirty things down and wash her hands, Daisy's parents took a closer look at the bones. Realizing they looked rather prehistoric, they took her findings to an expert on fossils. Fast forward through a few years' worth of research by paleontologists, and it turns out "the fossilized remains belong to a previously unknown genus and species of a small flying reptile called the pterosaur." Or, Vectidraco daisymorrisae.

Daisy remains, as one might expect, "fascinated" by dinosaurs, say her "very proud" parents. Personally, I'm very proud of Daisy's parents. Well, maybe not proud, because I don't even know them, but I am inspired/in admiration of the way they encouraged their little girl to dig in the mud and explore and how involved they were with the whole thing. Obviously all parents should have the same day-to-day approach, but sometimes we fall short. This experience could change the course of Daisy's life ... and what if her parents had just glanced down distractedly at her treasure and taken her home for a bath? Oh, that's nice dear, now put the muddy rocks back and let's go get you cleaned up.

Can you imagine how excited your kid would be if he discovered a dinosaur?!

Image via Shireen Garcia/Flickr

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