7-Year-Old Professional Sandcastle Builder Quit Preschool to Pursue His Dreams (VIDEO)

kid sandcastleWhen little kids do big things, I'm 99 percent heart-warmed and inspired, 1 percent stabby. As in, I'd like to stab those little suckers' playground balls with a chopstick because I'm so jealous that they have their shit together. First there was the Kid President, making me weak with his words, not to mention his adorable cheeks, and now there's Hunter, the professional sandcastle builder. He dropped out of preschool to pursue his artistic passion for coastal sculpture, and now, at age 7, he's not only the cutest thing on the planet, but he's freakishly talented and wise beyond his years, too.


The only problem is, he might not be real. The video is a commercial for People Water, so it's hard to tell if Hunter is actually this phenom sandcastle builder or just a child actor with a compassionate tone and a bag of prop tools.

Real-life sandcastle builder or not, Hunter (if that's really his real name) is right: What is life without passion? Find your passion and just go for it.

Inspiring stuff from this little man! Someone hide the chopsticks from me.

How do you encourage your children's passions?


Photo via PeopleWater/YouTube

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