9-Year-Old Boy Figures Out the Meaning of Life & He's Sharing (VIDEO)

9-year-old deepYou know how the old saying goes: Out of the mouths of babes ... well, this exceptionally profound 9-year-old boy proves just how wise and perceptive kids can be. In fact, watching him speak casually about such serious matters as the meaning of life and alternate universes, so many cliched sayings come to mind ... wise beyond his years ... old soul ... but mostly what comes to mind is ... awe. This kid's theories are beyond what the average adult can even begin to comprehend, and yet he's completely humble: "I mean, I might be wrong," he adds after explaining a concept that could change most people's lives.

Except, I'm pretty sure he's right.


Seriously. For example, here's how he sums up the human condition:

We are on Earth, and the Earth is just one planet in the galaxy. You could compare that to an ant on the patio in this backyard. The ant doesn't know that there's more than the patio here ... he just keeps walking. He doesn't know he's just part of lots of worlds ... and the human race is sort of like that. After they've discovered what's up there [points to the sky], they know they're just a little part of the huge galaxy.

Told you. This video is a must-watch:

I think my favorite part might be his answer to the question: "What's the meaning of life?"

I would say the meaning of your life is what you make it ... nobody can decide what you will do except for you. You have control of yourself ... it may be pre-destined, but you can change that destiny.

Or maybe the part where he explains why people play and watch sports (because I have never been able to understand that whole thing):

The reason that we play sports is very necessary -- for the entertainment and the suspense, because we don't have that suspense in our lives.

See, that seriously clears things up for me.

One thing's for sure -- this kid is destined for big, big things.

What was your favorite part of this video?

Image via Zia Hassan/YouTube

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