Middle School Cancels Honors Night Because It Might Devastate 'Dumb' Kids

Oh, good grief. A middle school in Massachusetts has decided to cancel honors night, which celebrates the achievements of students who made honor roll, because it would be "too devastating" for those students who tried really hard in class but still couldn't quite get the grades. Yeesh. Boo hoo. Does anyone ever cancel a football game because the small, clumsy types can't play? Of course not. Schools, parents, you're raising a generation of sniveling, entitled mental weaklings who won't be able to handle the real world.


Principal David Fabrizio defended the decision to cancel Ipswich Middle School's honors celebration by saying:

The honors night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients’ families, can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade point average.

Well, I get that, but what about the students who DID manage to get on the honor roll? They get bupkis? I was an underachiever in school. I was never the kid with the highest grades; however, I was good at theater. I got my acknowledgement when I auditioned for a role, got it, did well at it, and had students applaud me when the play was done. The way things are going these days, there's probably no plays, no chorus, no art shows, no band, because those who couldn't get in them would be TOO DEVASTATED if other kids are being rewarded for their talent.

Anyway, the honors kids will apparently still be recognized, but it will be at a general assembly along with everyone else. I'm not sure how non-honors roll kids watching the kids with better grades be recognized will be less devastating -- but maybe they will just be given a quick wink from the podium that no one will really notice.

This trend is really a shame because kids are going to have absolutely no preparation for what happens in the real world. Not only rejection when they're not good enough -- but rejection when they are, but there's too many just like them, or maybe even for no reason at all.

No wonder children are living with their parents until they're in their 40s. It's the only place they're still "the star." No wonder this country has a prescription drug problem. People aren't learning how to deal with difficulty, sadness, frustration, rejection, or any other emotion that's not "everything is going my way!"

Maybe kids who try hard but don't get straight A's should be rewarded for their efforts. But to take away rewards for kids who do get straight A's -- whether it's from effort, pure brains, or some combination -- should be acknowledged too.

What do you think about cancelling honors night?

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