Toddler Mistakes Detergent Pod for Candy & Ends Up in the Hospital

laundry detergent podsWhat do you think of those laundry detergent pods -- kind of handy, right? And such pretty colors, too. Yeah, that's what some small children think, too -- pretty like candy. Two-year-old Colin Langford mistook a detergent pod for candy and tried to eat it. He became seriously ill and wound up breathing through a tube at the hospital.

This wasn't just a case of poisoning, either. He went to swallow it, but ended up inhaling it instead. Oh my god! What a horror. Colin survived, but his mother took the incident as a warning.


"If you're the parent of a toddler, you really need to think twice about bringing this product into your home," Colin's mother says. "It looks like candy. A 2-year-old sees it and they don't see that it's laundry detergent." Even worse, some brands of those pretty pods come in transparent plastic containers that look just like candy jars! (WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO US, DETERGENT MANUFACTURERS?!?) The American Association of Poison Control Centers says that 6,271 children age 5 and under were sickened from trying to eat detergent pods last year.

So that's scary. Supposedly, laundry detergent companies say they're going to change their packaging to make it all less enticing and candy-like -- and they'll make the jars harder to open. But I don't know. If my kid were still toddler-aged, I think I'd keep them out of my home altogether. 

I've never been able to bring myself to buy those pods anyway. I mean, it's enough that the washing machine and dryer are doing nearly all the work for me. Buying those pods would be like admitting, "YES, I really am so lazy I cannot be bothered to measure the proper amount of detergent for my wash." I'd choose my dignity and my kid's health over convenience pods any day. 

Do you ever use detergent pods?


Image via USCPSC/Flickr

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