Speeding Dad Ignores Cops in Pursuit While Trying to Get Laboring Wife to Hospital (VIDEO)

police carNormally when you see those flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, you look for the nearest safe place to pull over, perhaps curse a bit, and then wait for the police officer to deliver your fate. Dad Tyler Rathjen, however, wasn't about to follow that typical protocol last week, because it wasn't a typical day -- his wife Ashley was in labor.

According to KCRG, he was in a rush to get her to the hospital in Iowa City, and must have put the pedal to the metal a little too aggressively. So when police spotted the speeding vehicle, they attempted to get him to pull over. Tyler, however, had no intention of pulling over anywhere until he reached the hospital. So he just kept driving as police chased him.

He told KCRG he recalled thinking, "I should not stop, I'm not going to, I'm going to get to the hospital." But even with the speeding, they didn't make it.


When he saw a red traffic light, Tyler says he knew he had to stop. So he hopped out of the car and yelled to the officer: "Sir, we're delivering a baby right here, right now!"

By the time Officer Kevin Wolfe reached the passenger door, the baby's head and arms were already out. He assisted with the rest of the delivery. And that's how Owen, the couple's third son, was born weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces -- in the passenger seat of the family car, just a few blocks from the hospital.

While speeding can be dangerous, yes, when a baby is on the way, you just go. In this case, it was pretty fortunate that police did catch him speeding so help was there with the unexpected delivery. And bonus -- they even have video of it since the police car's dashboard camera captured the entire event.

Fortunately both mom and baby are doing well and are home now. And no, Tyler didn't receive a ticket.

Would you want your husband or other driver to stop for a cop if you were in labor?


Image via KCRG

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