Soldier Holds 4-Month-Old Daughter for the First Time in Sweet Family Reunion (VIDEO)

dad meets babyWow. Pretty much every single military reunion caught on tape is a real tear jerker -- but then there are those that make you want to lie down on the floor and cry like a baby, particularly if they involve children.

Like this video of a soldier arriving at the airport and meeting his 4-month-old baby girl for the very first time. (I know. Major crying-fest.)

This past Saturday evening, PFC Zachary Dodson arrived at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport after being in Kuwait for nine months.


His wife, Karyssa, was there to greet him, along with their 3-year-old son, and 4-month-old daughter, who Zachary had anxiously anticipated finally holding in his arms.

Here's the clip -- get the tissues ready.

OMG. Is this one of the sweetest reunions you've ever seen, or what? (And how adorable was it to see him break down and cry at the sight of his family?)

Can you even begin to imagine what that moment must have been like for Zachary and his wife? It must have been so difficult to be apart when their baby was born, and to finally be together as a family had to be one of the most emotional experiences of their lives.

And while Karyssa was no doubt thrilled and moved to see her husband meet his daughter for the first time, it was easy to see just how ecstatic Zachary was to cradle and kiss his precious baby. It's tough enough to be away from your family as it is, but not being able to meet your baby for four months adds a whole other level of anticipation to the equation for sure.

Thankfully, he'll get to be home with his family for 30 days before having to return to duty. And I'm he'll love and savor each and every single minute of getting to know the little girl he waited so long to meet.

What moved you most while watching this reunion?


Image via WGRZ

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