Mom Gives Birth in Department Store - Hope She Wasn't Looking for Privacy

baby footAlright moms, who is the worst person you could imagine being in the delivery room when you give birth? Your mother-in-law? Your FATHER-in-law? Hold that thought ... and imagine what it was like for a mom who gave birth in a Wal-Mart this week!

The poor woman went into labor around 8 p.m. at a Wal-Mart not far from where I live (I've exchanged my SodaStream canisters there many a time!). Someone called 911, but by the time paramedics made it up the busy multi-lane highway and into the shopping center, she'd already given birth. With the help of perfect strangers.


Can you imagine?

Your mother-in-law or (God forbid) your father-in-law might be a pain in the tuchas in the delivery room. But at least you've known them for more than 2 seconds! This woman was lying there trying to push a human being out of her hoo ha while regular old Wal-Mart shoppers were delivering her baby.

This woman didn't know anyone, and she really had no control over who was standing there. It's pretty unlikely she was even able to control what people saw.

The whole thing makes me cringe.

BUT, I'm going to put this out there right now: it should make moms who are worried about the lack of privacy while giving birth feel a little better. Not because you are counting on being in a nice hospital room with a door that closes, but because the fact is, when you're giving birth, who is around you doesn't matter.

I speak from experience: all you really want is to get this over with and meet your new baby, and at some point all the faces around you blur together. The only people I actually remember from my birth are my husband and my OB/GYN. I couldn't tell you how many nurses were in there, and if I ran into one of them on the street tomorrow, I probably wouldn't recognize them.

Is it worth putting down your foot about an annoying mother-in-law? Of course. This is your birth, and you have the right to call the shots. But if you're a private person terrified you will be thinking about all the people in the room while you're exposed, don't stress yourself out!

It will be OK! At least you won't be pushing while someone's buying their beer and chips a few hundred feet away. At least, here's hoping ...

Who will be in the delivery room when you give birth?


Image via elisabet ottosson/Flickr

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