Breastfeeding in Public Is Vulgar, Says Childless Politician Who Wants You to Cover Up Now

breastfeedingThis month a Texas legislator introduced an exciting new bill protecting breastfeeding moms. Her bill would actually make it illegal to harass a woman who's breastfeeding in public! I love it, a lot of moms love it, but not everyone is a fan. One of the bill's loudest opponents is a woman. State Representative Debbie Riddle posted what she really thinks about the bill on her Facebook page. She says she supports breastfeeding in theory, but she thinks women should be "modest." 

Oh good lord, Debbie! You are part of the problem. You are the reason why we need this law in the first place.


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Riddle's opinion got her over 1000 comments. Many were snarky and exasperated and angry, which is probably why she removed the post from her Facebook page. But here's a screenshot.

debbie riddle breastfeeding bill

Oh, if only people would simply be considerate and thoughtful of others we would need no laws against murder and theft as well! You could use the very same argument against her. If people would simply be considerate and thoughtful of breastfeeding women we wouldn't need this bill!

You know what I wish? I wish people didn't have such hangups about seeing a woman breastfeeding. I mean, we're okay with celeb sideboob, we're okay with cleavage out to there, but if we happen to catch a tiny bit of boob while a woman is feeding her child -- that's vulgar. It's only vulgar if you use your boob for non-sexual purposes. 

Anyway, the vast majority of women who dare (!!!) breastfeed in public are pretty discreet about it. I know there's the rare mom who doesn't mind whipping out the whole thing out the top of her shirt, but so what? In that context, it's just kind of blah anyway. It happens, children don't faint, and we all move on with our lives unscathed. I still think that exposure is worth the trauma if it means more women will breastfeed their babies.

Do you agree with Rep. Riddle, or do you think she just doesn't get it?


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