Woman Gives Birth in Rush Hour Traffic Because Babies Don’t Wait

trafficCan you imagine being in labor in rush-hour traffic? A woman en route to the hospital gave birth during the morning rush hour yesterday morning. (Why do they call it "hour," by the way, when it's more like "hours"?) Fortunately, she was pulled over to the side and got help. She delivered the baby safely, to the roar of passing traffic. Mother and baby are now recovering at a hospital.

Someone was in an even bigger hurry than all those drivers. Whew, isn't that what we all worry about happening on the way to the hospital? What if ... what if we don't make it in time? What if I give birth in the car?!? I guess it's a relief to know that if that really does happen, you and your baby will probably still be fine.


I wonder at what point the woman (and her husband?) felt like they had to pull over. I guess it was when she transitioned from contractions to that overwhelming urge to push. I think we all know what that feels like! It's unmistakable. You go from OMG IT HURTS to OMG THE BABY IS ON HER WAY OUT!

And the mom probably didn't care at that point that she was in a car. You kind of stop worrying about those little details when your body takes over like that. And when you see that newborn baby? Forget it. You might as well be on another planet.

Babies! They just don't care about what you want. They're coming when they're coming, and there's very little we can do about it. Wait until mom and dad arrive at the hospital, check in, and get that epidural? Not this baby. So goes one of the first lessons in parenting: It's not about what's convenient for you anymore!

Do you know anyone who gave birth on the way to the hospital?


Image via biofriendly/Flickr

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