Woman Kicks 2-Year-Old to the Ground at Playground

golden gate bridge parkWhat would you do if a stranger just up and attacked your child at the playground? Wait, is that even a question? Maybe it should be more like, how soon would you have that stranger in a headlock? A woman kicked a 2-year-old at a playground in Golden Gate Park recently. And no, it wasn't an accident! She really just zeroed in on this innocent little girl and kicked her in the chest.

The poor girl fell over and hit her head on the pavement, but otherwise wasn't seriously injured. Meanwhile, Scary Kicking Lady turned on another child and parent, who ran away. You'll be glad to know this alleged violent intruder, 24-year-old Sabryna Bell, was arrested soon after her attack.


She was making so much racket, yelling and threatening, that several people called the police. Turns out she wasn't drunk or on drugs. Maybe she's mentally ill. But what does that matter to a parent worried about their child's safety? She obviously has no business at a playground.

Looks like there's a sign at that playground stating that only adults accompanied by children are allowed to be there. We have the same rule for playgrounds where I live. But our playgrounds are also gated, so you can keep out people like Sabryna -- or at least make it harder for them to get to your kids. Sometimes all it takes is that barrier, which is obviously more psychological than physical since anyone can open that gate, to discourage troublemakers.

I'm curious about the parent who let Sabryna walk away, though. I think it was the smart thing to do, for sure. They probably called the police immediately. Trying to restrain the attacker, or fighting back, would have been dangerous. You just never know who you're dealing with. Plus, that's a terrible example to set for your child. But man, it would take some self control not to fight back against your child's attacker. I know my first impulse would be to sock her in the eye! But you just can't do that.

Anyway, this story is a good reminder for us all to be aware of our surroundings when we're with our kids and notice any people nearby who don't seem to have any business hanging out at a playground.

Do you ever see random adults without children wandering around the playground? What do you do?


Image via Shearer Family/Flickr

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