Mom Sends Toddler in Terrorist-Themed T-Shirt to Preschool

terrorist legoA mom is in a heap of trouble after she sent her 3-year-old son to school in a t-shirt that read "I am a bomb" on the front and "Jihad, Born on 11 September" on the back. Good one, Mama! Bouchra Bagour was charged with "glorifying crime," which is apparently something you can be charged with in France, where the family lives. Here she'd probably be protected under freedom of speech. But then, here people would be even more pissed with her son's t-shirt and run her out of town with torches and pitchforks.

As it is, Bouchra faces up to five years in prison (for a t-shirt!), but she and her brother (who made that t-shirt, worst uncle ever) will probably end up paying hefty fines. But wait! Bouchra claims it was all just a silly misunderstanding. 


Apparently her son's name is Jihad and he was born in September 2011. And, like, whose toddler isn't totally "the bomb," right? 

Come on. Maybe Bouchra wasn't thinking or paying attention when her brother made that t-shirt and gave it to her son. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt -- moms can be that distracted. But I think her brother knew exactly what he was doing. It looks like he was making a political statement out of Jihad's birthday. Not cool, uncle terrorism sympathizer!

Is it ever okay to put your political slogans on a child who has no idea what they even mean -- much less his own opinions on politics? Even if they're positive? I admit, I put an Obama onesie on my son when he was a baby because I thought it was cute at the time. But I don't know ... isn't that kind of like putting a bumper sticker on your kid, like your baby is a car or something? In retrospect I don't think I'd do it again.

But really, if you care about politics, you're going to impose your political views on your kids anyway, even if you try not to. Your values are what inform your politics, and values are one of the most important things we can teach our kids. I just try to make sure I teach my son to respect other people's opinions and to think independently, too. And he knows I will love him no matter what his political opinions are.

Do you think it's wrong for parents to promote their political agendas through their young kids?


Image via pasukaru76/Flickr

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