Sick Girl's Mission to Help Troops Is Most Heartwarming Thing You'll See All Day (ViDEO)

taylor godwinTaylor Godwin is the kind of child that inspires us all. The 7-year-old Girl Scout is battling a rare and serious illness, but she is more focused than our troops than anything else. Diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism and epilepsy, Taylor is the smallest one in her Ohio troop, but she is certainly making the biggest impact.


Taylor has sold the largest number of cookies, most of which got donated to the Girls Scouts of North East Ohio's Operation: Sweet Appreciation campaign. That means our troops will a little taste of home with boxes of Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, Samoas, and more thanks to her.

Her parents say she didn't let anything stop her cookie sales. She knocked on doors in rain, snowstorms, even blizzards. She even hit up local businesses, nursing homes, and reached out to people over email. This is one incredibly determined kid. She has already sold nearly 1,700 boxes and has convinced customers to donate 1,500 of them to soldiers.

It's all so much more amazing when you know what she is dealing with in her personal life. She has suffered from seizures since age 2. Then, a year ago her parents became concerned by her small stature (she's about 3 feet, 8 inches tall) and the fact that she had never lost a tooth. Doctors discovered that her brain's pituitary gland wasn't producing enough growth hormone. They also learned her bones were incredibly fragile, so even small falls can cause a big problem. Now Taylor is on anti-seizure meds and hormones to stimulate her growth.

Yet none of those worrisome health problems have slowed her down determination. She says she wants to prove she is just like everyone else. She has certainly done that.  But the best part -- she's helping the troops. What a sweatheart.


Does Taylor inspire you?

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