Toddler Found Wandering After Car Crash That Killed His Father & Critically Injured His Mother

car crashThe scene police in Conroe, Texas, arrived upon early Monday morning was beyond heartbreaking. There they found a 3-year-old boy wandering around alone at the scene of  car crash. Inside the car they found the boy's father, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to KTRK, the boy and his mother were thrown from the car. While she was critically injured and is still in the hospital, the toddler somehow managed to escape with only cuts and bruises. Apparently there was a car seat in the car, but the boy had not been strapped into it. Details of what happened to cause the crash are sparse, but police believe the car somehow hit a drainage pipe on the side of the road and flipped.

And just like that, this boy's life is forever changed.


Hopefully his mother will pull through and recover, and live to raise him and see him live his life. But there's always the chance she won't, and you have to wonder if his parents had a plan in place in case of their death.

It's a scenario none of us wants to imagine, but the fact is we must. As this case, and the case of the Brooklyn parents who were killed on the way to deliver their baby (who also later died) earlier this week show us, we simply don't know when something is going to happen us. So we must be prepared.  As sobering as it is to think of leaving our children, it's even more so to think of them being placed in a situation that's against our wishes.

Whether you consult with attorney or get documentation in place with the help of a site like LegalZoom, it's important to get it done. It's one of those things that many of us mean to do, but keep putting off. Stories like this, however, remind us what can happen in the meantime ... when it's too late.

Do you have an official plan in place for what would to your children if you and your spouse both died?


Image via KTRK

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