'Miracle' Baby Who Survived Car Crash in Mom's Womb Tragically Becomes Another Victim

rays of sunOver the weekend, we heard the heartbreaking story of a Brooklyn couple who was killed in a car crash, but the baby -- who was still inside his mother's womb, and just seven months along -- miraculously survived. But sadly, it's now been reported that the baby boy, who was delivered on the scene and rushed to the hospital, has now passed away, too. A worst-possible outcome from an already tragic situation.


Although this was terrible any way you look at it -- young parents both dying before their baby was born, leaving him an orphan -- there was a silver-lining: Their baby lived.

Of course no one would ever want to be in this couple's shoes, but I think if given the opportunity, any parent would choose saving their child's life over theirs. It's a no-brainer. And if you believe in an afterlife, you could say that Mom and Dad would have been looking down lovingly at the boy who made it into the world despite incredible adversity. They would be glad he survived.

But nope. Now they don't even have that. This poor little soul who had an entire life to live tragically died, too, leaving most people wondering why something so horrific had to happen. It's one of those terrible incidents without any answers that makes you just wonder: Why? Why the baby, too?

I really can't find any silver lining left in this awful story, but I guess if you believe in the afterlife, there's this: All three members of this family are together now.

What do you think of this?


Image via dotcompals/Flickr

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