6-Year-Old Break Dance Prodigy Is Too Cool for Tiaras (VIDEO)

break dance girl Think of this video as the perfect antidote to Toddlers & Tiaras and every other pageant where painted little girls parade around trying to be pretty for no apparent reason. Because the 6-year-old girl starring in this video isn't trying to be pretty, she's trying to be a break dance prodigy. Oh wait, sorry -- she IS a break dance prodigy.

Her name is "B-girl Terra", and she pretty much blew away the competition at Chelles Battle Pro in Paris last weekend with her pro-level headspins and windmills -- not to mention her adorable little track suit!


Seriously, check out this kid's crazy moves -- how any 6-year-old human being can be this skilled at anything is beyond me:

Are you totally amazed?! Now this is the kind of competition I would love to see more little girls participating in -- no fake smiles or spray tans or inappropriately skimpy formal/streetwalker wear, just badass breakdance moves. You go, girl!

Can you believe this little girl's incredible moves?


Image via MoBo1982/YouTube

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