Superhero Mom Sees Baby Falling & Smashes Through Window to Catch Him

windowMost moms perform heroics every day, showing bravery while navigating public restrooms and incredible strength carrying a screaming toddler out of a mall while pushing a stroller and simultaneously feeding a baby. A mom in Spokane, Washington, however, recently performed a feat so amazing I'm pretty sure she deserves a cape.

According to the Associated Press, it started when her 14-month old was bouncing on the bed in a second-story room. Then, horrifyingly, he tripped on a pillow and bounced right out of a half-open window nearby. His mom, who had just gotten out of the shower, walked in right as it happened, and that's when her super powers kicked in.


Without hesitating she dove out after him, smashing through the window. She managed to catch his foot, and they both landed on a small overhang below. Fortunately, grandma was out on the porch taking a smoke break, and when she heard the glass break, she looked up and was able to catch the child before mom fell into the bushes.

Both were taken to the hospital and miraculously only suffered minor injuries. Police say the baby is going to be just fine. Phew. Way to go mom and grandma with the save, but we also can't ignore the fact that it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Time and again we see stories of children falling from unsecured windows. Sometimes they are okay, but there are plenty of other stories without such happy endings. According to Consumer Safety Experts about 5,000 children a year are injured or killed from accidents involving windows -- that's 14 a day! Parents have got to start taking precautions to stop this. Tips from Safe Kids includes things like installing window guards on upper floors -- screens aren't enough.

So while this mother has a quite an amazing story to tell, and we're glad the baby is okay, it should also serve as a warning to other parents who will hopefully read it and take action. Because as parents we can't always rely on our super powers to save our kids.

Are the windows in your house secured?


Image via Emilia113/Flickr

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