12-Year-Old Girl Caught Filming Gym Teacher in the Shower

Kids do all kinds of stupid things. Back in my day, my friends and I would stand on the highway overpass and throw eggs at the cars. It never occurred to us that someone might get distracted from egg splattering on their window and perhaps get into an accident. And now there's just so many more ways for kids to get into trouble. I can only imagine the conversation one mom must have had to have with her 12-year-old daughter -- who was caught filming a female teacher taking a shower.


The girl, who went to middle school in Omaha, Nebraska, has admitted filming the female physical education teacher with her cellphone camera as she showered in the girls' locker room. One can only imagine why she did this. Did she plan to show it to her friends? Put it online? Or ... was it for her own personal use?

Imagine this mom. She's got to have three serious conversations with her kid at once. One, the uses and abuses of technology. Two, the right to privacy. And three ... honey, is there something you'd like to tell me? You know, are you, um, attracted to girls?

The girl was arrested for intrusion of privacy. As a 12-year-old, she'll probably have this incident wiped from her record if she stays out of trouble. The school has said they'll decide what punishment will be meted out.

But what does mom do? How do you punish and open up a conversation about sexuality at the same time? Was this even a sexual thing? She's 12 years old -- maybe, maybe not. Could have just been funny to her. But some 12-year-olds are much more mature. She could have been genuinely curious and genuinely attracted to the teacher. Or is she just a serious brat who planned to spread this video around?

All I know is that I'm sooooo glad I'm not a teen in today's world, what with all of the cellphone cameras around. Or a teacher for that matter. For sure I wouldn't shower in school these days!

What do you think this girl was doing? How would you handle it if it was your child?

Image via SpringDew/Flickr

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