'One Million Moms' Claim GEICO Pig Is 'Exploiting' Children & the Reason Is Hogwash (VIDEO)

geico pigWhoa. As if picking on kindhearted philanthropic Ellen DeGeneres wasn't absurd and pointless enough! Those "One Million Moms" must be more desperate than ever for a scandal, because their latest target is ... oh hell, I'm not even gonna bother setting this one up: It's the GEICO pig. THE GEICO PIG. The non-existent, computer-generated farm animal mascot of an insurance company. You're probably wondering what the One Million Moms could possibly find offensive/threatening about the GEICO pig. I mean, he is kinda sorta creepy, but creepy enough to accuse the ad campaign of exploiting children ... by promoting bestiality?!


Ah, yes. Because in GEICO's new 30-second clip, the pig is on a date. With a human girl. Or, as One Million Moms director Monica Cole describes it:

It was just a pretty sleazy type of commercial because the girl [in the commercial] was really disappointed when she realized they wouldn’t be able to pass the time alone together.

Kids are drawn to animals. That’s normal. Animals are cute. That’s why movies have animals that play the lead roles and the main parts. And it may be over their heads in terms of understanding the meaning behind it, but there’s a big concern when kids are being desensitized to this kind of thing.

Really? There's a big concern?! As a mom (just one, not one million), I have a hard time believing there's a tiny little crumb of concern about kids being desensitized to ... bestiality. We're not talking about drugs or violence or sex, here, just to clarify: The "big concern" is that our innocent children will fall for the idea that bestiality is cool. Everybody's doing it, Mom!

Hey, but don't take my word for it. There are a million of those other moms, after all. Watch the commercial and decide ...

Do you think the GEICO pig is promoting bestiality?

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