Stick-Figure Family Stickers & Mom Vanity Plates Bring Out the Haters

family car stickersI already drive a "mom" type of car -- a small crossover SUV in gray. I think over 75 percent of cars on the road are gray. It's not flashy, nothing adorns it, except dirt. Really need to get to the car wash. The two car seats in the back further give my mom status away, along with the crumbs that are everywhere.

I remember when those Baby on Board signs first came out -- they drove just about every non-parent bonkers, myself included. What a silly thing, I would think, do I really need to know you have a child in the car? It's just making me nervous to drive near you. The car I drove back then was an old faded red VW with the rear bumper covered in punk rock stickers. I thought it was funny that there wasn't the expected Deadhead type of additions on it. Kind of like seeing a shiny happy flowery family of seven with a dog and a cat stuck to the back window of a tricked-out hot rod. If you really want to freak everyone out, though, get a mom vanity plate.


It's kind of a rebel mom thing to do, right? Rebellious in the sweetest and dedicated way. Some will still think it's obnoxious and annoying like I did in my pre-parent days. But, now, while I still won't put anything on my car or get a vanity plate that says "Twin Mama," it doesn't bother me. I have plenty of other, more important things to be bothered about. Like Yahoo's slap in the face to working parents or anyone who needs flex-time or America's terrible maternity leave situation.

Today's latest family car stickers include the "traditional" stick-figure family -- there are the smiling and waving ones, the sporty ones, and they even have Star Wars and zombie themed sticker families for those who like to mix it up. And then there are moms like Jennifer Hutchinson with four kids from Minnesota who has the license plate "GOMOMGO." She told Today: "The plate describes my personality. The plate describes my commitment. I enjoy being a mom." Ohio mom Kim Weaver sports "MY2BOYZ" and Elizabeth Alaio of New York has "MOMOF3."

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Apparently, these vanity plates and even family stickers are like "mobile tattoos" notes psychologist David Schlenoff, who studies the psychology of these types of things. Wow, they have people studying everything, don't they? And since I'm a mom with tattoos (I wonder what the psychologists say about that?!), I really can't hate on tattooed cars. I can choose not to sticker mine up and stick with my random number and letter license plate, but scoff at those who do differently, I will not.

I also wonder if it's more of a mom thing or if dads put them on their cars, too, if there's more than one car in the family.

What do you think of those family car stickers and parent-centric vanity plates? Do you have either? Would you?

Image via anacik/Flickr

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