'Kids Oscars' Might Actually Be Better Than the Real Academy Award-Nominated Flicks (VIDEO)

kid oscarsIf you're like me, you maybe don't have tons of free time and going to the movies is a rare experience, usually involving children, billions of dollars of concession stand snacks and a pounding headache. In other words, if you're like me, you have a vague idea as to what all the Oscar-nominated flicks this year are about, but you haven't actually seen most any of them. Don't sweat it, because Jared Neumark of Landline TV partnered up with Official Comedy to produce Kids Oscars, a montage of scenes from Academy Award-nominated movies re-enacted by kids ... who have no idea what the hell they're doing. Yay! Who needs to see the originals?


I mean, I'm sure Argo was great and all, but I'd much rather watch a bunch of little kids wearing outrageous 70's outfits and looking confused than Ben Affleck and some other real adult actors talking about some important crap I don't really care about. (Who said that?)

Check this out and tell me these aren't better than the real thing(s):

I love Mary Lincoln going crazy, too. Wouldn't it be awesome if that's how people actually went crazy?? "I'm going craaaaaazy!" 

Do you prefer these kid re-enactments of Oscar-nominated movies to the real flicks?

Image via OfficialComedy/YouTube

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