Hospital Staff Leaves Woman Alone & She Has to Deliver Her Baby Herself

hospital bedWhen it comes to going into labor, most moms-to-be breathe a sigh of relief upon arriving at the hospital, because they know they're in a safe place where they'll be well taken care of and will have plenty of assistance in giving birth.

And that's probably what one woman in Sydney, Australia assumed, until she was forced to deliver her own baby even though she was in the maternity ward of Blacktown Hospital.

OMG. Did you read that right? She gave birth alone -- in the hospital!


It turns out she went to the hospital after experiencing labor pains, but was told to go home because she was still a ways off from giving birth. She opted to stay instead and was checked into the maternity ward.

The next morning, she gave birth to a baby girl with no nurses or doctors in sight -- and even resorted to taking pain killers from her purse during the course of her labor and delivery.

At one point, other patients tried to assist her -- but that's still not the same thing as having medically trained staff there to help.

Want to know the hospital's excuse for allowing something like this to happen? Budget cuts, which stem from funding cuts to the government health system.

I'm sorry -- but I can't get the idea of this poor woman lying in a hospital bed all alone knowing full well she was going to have to deliver her baby on her own. Can you imagine how terrified she must have been? And aside from her fear and anxiety, can you imagine how pissed off she must have been?

There she was, in the safest possible place in the world to deliver a child, yet no one bothered to come and check on her and help her out. If I were in her shoes, I probably would've screamed my head off until someone showed up -- and I'd definitely be filing some sort of lawsuit.

When I gave birth to my son, I honestly don't remember being alone for more than a few seconds or so. I had an entire team of medical professionals monitoring my every move, and that's the way it should be -- regardless of where in the world you live.

And if this mom ever winds up having another baby, I'd think twice about checking back into Blacktown Hospital if I were her.

Would you be able to handle giving birth alone?


Image via koadmunkee/Flickr

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