Dad & Daughter's Cover of 'Muppets' Song Is an Instant Classic (VIDEO)

Mahna Mahna dad and daughterI don't know about you, but I can hardly wait for the new Muppets movie to hit theaters in 2014. Word has it Miss Piggy and the gang visit London! But I think I can hold on so long as I can put the latest viral kid video on repeat any time I feel blue. What makes a toddler and her dad singing so cute? I've got two (nonsense) words for you: Mahna Mahna!

Dad Jesse Teeters jokes that this is his "greatest" achievement in 2 1/2 years of parenting, and you're about to see why. Roll the cuteness:


Go ahead and tell me you've seen cuter. I want to see your proof!

For me, what makes this video work is the simplicity. Teeters realizes you don't have to go to extremes to have fun with your kid. You do have to be willing to be absolutely ridiculous, however.

Singing a nonsense song like this Muppets classic fits right into that vein, for sure! And here's betting this little girl is going to remember singing "Mahna Mahna" with her dad for years to come.

That's what we're all shooting for, right? Memories that will last a lifetime?

To that I say, Mahna, Mahna!

What's the silliest, most ridiculous thing you've done with your kids recently?


Image via Jesse Teeters/YouTube

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