Shocking 10-Year-Old Rapper Shows Why Boys Need to Be Protected (PHOTO)

Lil PoopyThere’s no valid reason why a 10-year-old boy should have his hands, or any other part of his tiny little person, on the rear end of a grown woman. There’s no valid reason why a grown woman should allow a 10-year-old boy to inappropriately put his hands on her rear end. And yet we’ve seen the debauchery play out just like that, in the YouTube videos and online infamy of Lil’ Poopy, an unfortunately named prepubescent rapper who is grabbing cheeks and bringing the ruckus, one booty smack at a time. 


Dethroning other pocket-sized offenders like Lil’ Wayne and Luda for the title of hip-hop’s smallest misogynist was easy. Silencing the backlash against his dad, Luis Rivera, might be a little harder. The Brockton, Mass. police have (rightfully) filed a complaint, inciting the state’s Department of Children and Families to investigate Poopy’s father for possible abuse or neglect. First thing defenders say—after slapping him high-five for palming the rump of gals ostensibly old enough to be his babysitter, if not his mama—is that no one involved in this hotmessness has violated any laws. In fact, it’s within his little 10-year-old First Amendment rights to be able to artistically express himself.

Mmm. That may be true. But anyone worth their moral salt knows that sometimes what’s legal permissible and what’s ethically upright doesn’t always jibe. And they ain’t jibing in this case.

Let’s pretend that this was a little girl aspiring to be a rapper, outfitted in all of the stereotypical accoutrements of rapper-dom, including an entourage of groupies. (I could launch into a whole other rant just about the chicks lending themselves to these videos and being willing participants in this filth.) If a grown man were to thrust his johnson anywhere near her, even rub up against her suggestively we, as a community, would pounce. We would verbally pulverize the videographer, call for the blood of the director, set the homegrown studio on fire, boycott the label and call her parents everything but children of God. We would rally for the protection of her innocence and virtue.

But this is a boy, and boys are encouraged to start knocking chicks off as soon as they can learn what to do with an erection. It may not be verbalized outright, but the atta boy spirit that undergirds their sexual activity, no matter how early, makes it par for the male libido course. It’s just part of a guy being a guy.

Grabbing a handful of tush is a demonstration of male bravado. But in Lil’ Poopy’s case, it marks a double standard in the hypersexualization of boys, that folks are willing to grab torches and pitchforks when it comes to the violation of young women but consider that same behavior a rite of passage when it comes to young men. Sexual exploitation is sexual exploitation is sexual exploitation. His videos have since been stripped from YouTube, but I suspect dad is too busy making money off of him to really be daunted by the controversy. Their little program of crazy will continue.  

God willing, Lil’ Poopy will mature into a teenager and an adult, and these things that he has learned as a child will be exercised in grown manly fashion against someone’s daughter. And the objectification he mastered so early—that was never cute in the first place—will be even less cute when he’s passed the advanced course in perversion. I mean, when you’ve been smacking up, flipping and rubbing down grown lady booty since elementary school, it’s pretty safe to assume he’ll be well beyond his years in sexual maturity. We’ll blame him for being a pig and devaluing women and call him out for being an assortment of wrongs. But we’ll have to remember how he was unprotected as a little boy and where he got his first misguided lessons.

Do you think we value boys' innocence as much as we do girls'?

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