Baby Calls 911 So Many Times Cops Arrest Mom

cellphoneAll right moms, 'fess up. How many times have you let your baby play with your cellphone because you didn't have the heart to hear them cry when you take it away? Once? Twice? Three times (a lady)? After you read this story, you will never do it again.

An Oregon baby managed to call 911 not once, not twice, not three times. The 1-year-old called the emergency line SIXTEEN TIMES with her mom's phone! As you can imagine, the cops in Astoria, Oregon are none too happy with Jessica May.


They've actually gave her a citation for improper use of an emergency reporting system!

Can you blame them? I called 911 once, on accident, and I was horrified with myself. I kept imagining the emergencies that might be going on, the people in trouble who couldn't get through because of my moment of idiocy. And that was one time.

This women let her kid do it 16 times! And what's worse, cops gave her a warning before opting to cite her. Still, she let the baby play with her phone. In one day, the 1-year-old racked up seven different calls to the emergency line.

Sorry, but no burst of quiet from the baby is worth that. Sometimes you just have to gird your loins and take the pacifying item away from the baby for their own good ... and the good of society.

And ladies, it's not just the cellphone. You know those keys you let the baby play with? They're germ-laden and disgusting, and your kid could get sick or poke his eye out! Not to mention you're driving everyone in the neighborhood bananas every time the baby hits the "panic" button. And how about those tissues your kid is shredding to bits and leaving around the grocery store because, hey, he's not crying? Yeah, someone has to clean those up.

I could go on with the list, but let's just simplify it: just because it keeps baby quiet doesn't mean it's good for baby ... or everyone else for that matter, OK?

Do you let your baby play with your cellphone?


Image via cubosh/Flickr

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