6-Year-Old Boy Saves Family From Fast-Moving Fire That Burns Down the House (VIDEO)

6-year-old taylor hendrix

A 6-year-old boy is being hailed a hero this week after saving several of his family members from a house fire in Brownsville, Tennessee. Taylor Hendrix noticed the fire had broken out at his grandparents' house at around 4 a.m., and he quickly alerted them, and everyone managed to get out of the house safely.

In addition to Taylor, four other grandchildren were staying with Mike and Paula Brown in their 100-year-old home. Taylor says the fire "started in the attic and came down the chimney" -- and you'll never guess what he was doing at 4 a.m. that caused him to be awake and run to his grandparents' bedroom for help.


He'd either decided to pull an all-nighter or simply got up before the crack of dawn -- to play video games on the Xbox, of all things.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about Taylor's quick efforts in alerting his family so they could escape the blaze.


What a great kid! Considering his grandfather says it only took 7 to 10 minutes for the home to burn to the ground, this story could've wound up being a huge tragedy had Taylor not been awake playing video games, or if he'd panicked and ran instead of waking up his grandparents right away.

As the mom of a 6-year-old (almost 7), I know I probably wouldn't be too thrilled if I came downstairs at 4 o'clock in the morning and found him sitting on the couch playing Xbox games. But in Taylor's case, somehow I'm guessing if he's ever up at that hour playing video games in the future, no one will dare to scold him for it.

Out of all the things those grandparents could possibly owe their lives to, odds are good the combination of an Xbox and their 6-year-old grandson was never on their list.

Do you think your child would think quickly and alert you if there were an emergency like a fire?


Image via WAFB

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