Shopping Mall Bans Noisy Kids

shopping cartsA mall is drawing major attention this week, but it's not for the sales. The Dee Why Grand shopping center in Sydney, Australia, has officially banned loud kids. As if shopping with the kids along isn't a big enough nightmare for moms?

Ladies, you've been through this, haven't you? You're in the middle of Tar-jay stocking up on tissues and cute tops, and your kid decides to have a meltdown right there in the middle of the store. What do you do?


Look around wildly to make sure the security guards aren't making a beeline for you and your cart full of necessities to escort you and that little brat off the premises and keep on shopping? Give all the shoppers eying your screamer the stink eye like they're the ones doing something wrong?

Sounds pretty typical. But how about hightailing it out of there?

Yes, I know, it sucks. It means the little terrorist won -- he doesn't have to trail you around the store anymore.

But is it really fair to your fellow shoppers to wander the aisles with a bellowing babe assaulting their eardrums? Is it really teaching your kid anything?

Parents who are PO'd at the mall's screaming kids ban right now say this ban on loud tots just shows a lack of empathy for parents. Said one parenting expert:

Anyone who has kids knows it's far more uncomfortable hearing your own child scream than hearing someone else's child scream.

Spoken like a truly self-centered parent. Can you smell the cloying scent of condescension there?

Listen, y'all, I'm not one of those child-hating grinches who doesn't understand that kids are kids and sometimes kids are a--holes. I am a mother! My daughter has thrown a full-blown hissy in the middle of the mall, and I have been that mom with a beet red face trying to reason with her, trying to get her to "simmer down so we can just buy our toilet cleaner, for pete's sake."

My first instinct is to tell her to keep her voice down. She may be a kid, but "hush" is pretty universal. That's not too much to ask of parents, is it? Tell your kid not to be so darn LOUD?

When all else fails, I have done what I've had to do: abandoned my cart full of stuff and whisked the cranky kid outside of the store. Sometimes I've been lucky enough to have my husband with me so he could take the tantruming tot out to the car. Sometimes I've had to do it myself.

Repeat after me, ladies: It. Isn't. That. Hard.

Painful from being kicked in the shins by a pissed off little hellion? Yes. Hard? Nah. I pushed nearly 7 pounds out of my hoo ha. That's hard.

And let me drop a little mom knowledge on you: you only have to do it a few times before your kid gets the message that screaming and carrying on inside a store isn't going to be tolerated. Suddenly shopping with the kids becomes less headache, more "outing."

Come to think of it, maybe the mall is really just helping parents be better at parenting. 

Would you shop at a mall that bans screaming kids?


Image via coffee core/Flickr

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