Mom Gives Birth to Identical Twins Twice on the Same Day (VIDEO)

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Wow. Giving birth to twins is exciting enough as it is, but one mom in Texas definitely got more than your average two baby delivery on Valentine's Day.

Tressa Montalvo delivered two sets of identical twin boys last week -- making her the proud mom of quadruplets. Actually, she went from being the mom of one two-and-a-half year old to being the mom of FIVE boys after the arrival of her four new little men. (Whoa.)

The odds of giving birth to two sets of twins on the same day are unbelievable enough, but what makes Tressa's case even more astonishing is the fact that she conceived both sets of twins naturally.


Nope -- Tressa and her husband Manuel did not use any sort of fertility drugs or treatments -- which makes the chances of conceiving two sets of twins 1 in 70 million. (OMG.)

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about Tressa's story, and to hear how her boys, Ace, Blaine, Cash, and Dylan are doing. (A, B, C, D. Love it!)

Holy moly. They wanted to try for a brother or sister for their first son, Memphis, huh? Yeah, somehow I'm guessing they didn't bet on giving him four siblings all at once.

Yet another convincing story to keep me on the "one and done" plan. I've always joked that with my luck, I'd wind up pregnant with twins or triplets (or more) if we tried for "just one more" kid -- and after hearing this story, I'm even more sure that I'm not willing to tempt fate.

But even though Tressa's life is about to change drastically, she's definitely had the right attitude about these babies right from the start. She said, "There’s four human beings that are about to come into this world that are my responsibility and they are going to be home with me one day. And we are going to be a family of seven. This is amazing."

Aww. She's right -- amazing is the only way to describe those four tiny miracles.

How would you react if you learned you were carrying two sets of twins?


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