Mom Gives Hospital Permission to Live Tweet & Broadcast Her C-Section (VIDEO)

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to have a c-section, here is your chance! A 39-year-old mom has given Women's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, permission to live tweet her cesarean with photos and video! No guts, no glory.

It was amazing to see. A beautiful birth with emotion and love even though some think that's impossible with a c-section. This will educate and most definitely scare the living daylights out of some people. Blood. Guts. Organs being moved around. A screaming infant. Prepare yourselves because you're about to learn what really goes down (and out) with a cesarean birth.


The mother's name will not be revealed, but we do know she scheduled this type of birth due to a previous cesarean delivery. It's unknown why they didn't want to attempt a VBAC. OB/GYN Anne Gonzalez performed the surgery and reminded those fearful of having birth the old-fashioned way, "... a cesarean delivery is still a surgery with associated risks and should only be performed if necessary."

Here are some of the tweets from @houstonhospital:

Since patient has had previous C-section, incision was made along the scar line...

A smaller area of cutting is done in the middle of fat layer until a tough, fibrous layer called “fascia”

The Fascia: a sheet of connective tissue covering or binding together muscle

The incision is approx. 4 inches.

Ruptured Membranes.

Surgeon is cautious during this incision as the bladder may be within close proximity to incision

A retractor called "bladder blade" used to pull lowest part of the opening downward (toward patient's feet)

Gentle traction is used to deliver the head

The baby’s head is now exposed and can be pushed through the uterine incision into the world

Happy Birthday!

You can read them all and see step-by-step video of the entire c-section on their Twitter feed, but here is the moment of birth. Warning: Graphic Video.

That moment a baby is born -- vaginal or through a pocket in mama's belly -- is pure magic. I believe my c-section helped save my life and the lives of my twins after I got HELLP syndrome. My experience having a cesarean was traumatic, with a challenging recovery. But this mom is going into birth knowing what to expect. It's planned and she's had one before. There wasn't that chaotic, emergency feeling I had. Sometimes a c-section is necessary. And here we see how even in these situations, birth is beautiful. For any mom struggling with the fact she had to have a cesarean, you can see the love this doctor shows when baby is born. It's still a beautiful moment -- and much like my love letter to c-section moms.

Like Dr. Gonzalez says, it should be reserved for when it's absolutely necessary. Perhaps seeing this video will even make some women who want to elect to have a c-section for no reason realize that vaginal birth is the better option.

You can view more on Twitter, #MHbaby, or

What do you think of this live tweet of a cesarean birth? Did you watch the videos?

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