Fourth Grade Homework Gives Kids Lesson on Infidelity (VIDEO)

Have you ever helped your fourth grader with his or her homework? It can be surprising how little you remember from school, right? Doesn't it make you feel like an idiot sometimes? But the moms at one elementary school probably all knew the answer to one homework question recently sent home with their kids. A teacher at a school in Arizona reportedly gave her fourth graders some homework that had a decidedly adult question on it. The question asked "what was happening" when a married woman finds a hair clip that doesn't belong to her in her bedroom -- and which has another woman's hair in it. I'm thinking this question was meant for potential participants in the show Cheaters, not for fourth graders.


Mom Heather Nicks called the school after seeing the question on her 10-year-old daughter Kyera's homework. The teacher immediately apologized and admitted she had only skimmed the homework assignment and not read it thoroughly.

Even so ... why would a question like that be on a preprinted fourth grade homework form? Was whoever writes those things having a complicated relationship day?

"It was shocking that they would actually put that on a fourth grader's homework," says Kyera -- sounding a little coached, if you ask me. "I kind of had my mom help me with the answer because I didn't want to go too deep into what it was trying to ask me."

Mom Heather seems horrified that this was on her daughter's homework assignment -- and okay. Fine. But then she calls a TV crew into her living room and talks about the question again in front of her daughter -- and her daughter talks about the question again in front of the TV crew. If it was so traumatic for your kid, why not just tear it up, throw it away, and forget about it? Oh right, because you might want to sue the school for "emotional distress" or something. Gotcha.

Anyway, Kyera doesn't seem too shocked by any of it. She smiles all during her TV time. Kids already know what adultery is, friends. They see it on TV and in movies -- hell, they may have already seen it at home. This is evidenced by the fact that Kyera answered the question perfectly. Her answer: "The husband cheated and he's in big trouble." Kyera gets an A-plus.

What would you have said to your kid if this was her homework assignment?


Image via ABC15

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